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Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi

Before worshiping Shri Ganesh one must understand who Lord Ganesh is. - He is first deity was created on this earth by Adi Shakti, made out of mother earth with vibration of his Mother. Therefore, mother earth has sustaining and nourishing quality to grow crop, vegetable and beautiful flowers. Lot of time we see an image of Ganesh appearing in a coconut or a vegetable. So Mother earth becomes a very important being for us. If we do not know how to respect mother earth, we fail to respect ourselves.  It is very important for Adi Shakti to first create a very holy Mother Earth for human being to be born on it.

I said today that for shri Ganesh – he has body of clay and one should worship idol made out of clay.

Speech by H.H Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi for Shri Ganesh Puja 7th September 1997 at Cabella.

Scientific view of Ganesh in carbon atom: Her Holiness Mataji Devi made certain revelation based on her divine vision to a very renowned scientist of United States, Dr Vinod Ram Rao Worlikar of Cerritos, Los Angeles, about the carbon atom. The details of that are mentioned in his own words.”In 1987 her holiness Mataji Nirmaldevi while on her visit to Houston revealed that carbon atom when viewed from bottom shows a cross but when viewed from left and right shows Om and swastika respectively. From down below looking up you see Alpha and Omega. It was difficult to believe this at the first instance. But when I verify in my own laboratory and to my surprise carbon atom model had the entire four valency in dumbbell shape, it was absolutely the same she told me about carbon. (Medical Science enlightened, Prof U.C Rai,PPl 150.).